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Here are many testimonials from our happy clients.
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As a college student here in Riverside, it can already be incredibly stressful with the everyday in’s and outs of the demand college puts on me.  I am constantly dealing with deadlines and of course a lack of funds as most of my time is dedicated to class time, homework and studying.

Last semester during midterms my computer screen went down! I had papers to write and homework online as well as off. My computer was inoperable.  I took my computer to ICU Computer Services and left it safely in their hands.  This was about an hour before their closing time. I was given a best case and worst case scenario on spot and by the end of the day I was contacted and told my computers diagnosis.  I was told over the phone as well as emailed the price of the repair.  With in the next day I was able to pick up my computer which they not only repaired for me but cleaned for me!

This is an A+++ company, I will always be in trusting my computers and electronics to ICU!

Thanks guys!

Heather J. Riverside Ca.


My last laptop was having problems to the point when I turned it on I got a blank screen – death to all who have been down this avenue. I was frantic because I had so many precious photos stored on that hard drive. I was in the process of transferring those photos to an online photo storage. Bob was able to retrieve my all hard drive information – MIRACLE! Previously, I have had another laptop that had die 4 years ago, took that laptop to an “American multinational consumer electronics corporation” who could not retrieve anything from my hard drive. Bob being aware of my limited income has sold me 2 computers at a good value and provided services for both of them. I hope GOD continue to bless Bob and his business.

   ~Nanette M. – Riverside, Ca


This is one of the last HONEST businesses one will find in dealing with computer issues. No hassles, no gimmicks, and no hidden costs. Doing business with ICU Computer Services is something someone does not look forward to in the sense that it means your computer needs some TLC, but when it does it is refreshing to know that it will work and work well when it is returned. I would not take my computers to anyone else. I am one Extremely satisfied customer!

Michael J. – Riverside, Ca.


Our company is very happy with ICU Computer Services. The owner, Bob Plourde, is extremely helpful and always available for our questions.  Bob remotely services over 50 of our computers.  It is so nice to be able to make a phone call and have most of your computer needs handled immediately.  ICU prices are hard to beat.  I highly recommend ICU Computer Repair.

Norma B. Operation Safehouse – Riverside, Ca


I just wanted to thank you for your help to reinstall my network printer again.  I know you have done the same thing at least a half dozen times before but this time I paid attention.  I hope I can do it on my own next time.  I also wanted to thank you for 5 years of super support for all my computer repairs, questions and equipment over the years.  It has been great being able to bring my equipment into your shop for repair but your remote service is the greatest, saving me tons of time and $$.

Bob A. – Riverside, Ca


Very good service for a resonable fee.

Glenn G. – Riverside, Ca.


Since I am a customer who doesn’t drive, I really appriciate the phone service connection. Whenever I hear Bob’s voice & how can I help you, I know he really means it.

Velma C. – Riverside, Ca.


Very, very satisified with the service. Bob took time to explain in easy language, understandable to an old lady. Thanks.

Felicita R. – Riverside, CA.


Wrenchware, my company and I met Bob through a mutual friend many years ago. At that time we both we’re struggling to get started in business. He was creating websites then so we hired him to do our website. It worked fine and we enjoyed growth in the company. Over the years , as they say  “stuff happened” and we drifted apart, went our own ways….fast forward a few years later. We went through several “tech” types which left us in a “bad” place, so I dug out his old card and called him…he was there and in the same place as I left him BUT much more advanced with computers and systems. After he told me he doesn’t do “websites” any longer I asked him what he specialized in and he told me computers and programs which I wasn’t interested in at the time. A couple of months passed and I found our company in the need for a new computer and other program work, so I contacted Bob. For the last few months he’s consulted us on what computer and programs to purchase AND we hired him to install. He moved other computers around the facility. We were so impressed with his work we decided to “sing up” for his yearly “remote” service. Now when we have a problem we just contact him by phone and he sets up an appointment for remotely fixing out problems, that works great and he’s even help me install a couple of games and devices that I didn’t understand. I very glad we’ve hooked up again.

Jay J. – Colton, Ca.


I have never given another thought of who to call when we have issues with any of the 5+ computers in our household. I also am very confident to refer all of our family and friends to ICU when they are in needed of service, and all that have used Bob all have been very happy with his level of service.

Martha R. – Riverside, CA.


I am relatively new to ICU (10 Months). I have used the service on several occations both in the ICU Service Shop and remotely (from 1200 misles away). I have found the service to be timely, courteous, patient and competent. I highly recommend Bob Plourde and ICU Computer Services.

Elden S. – Coupeville, WA


Bob at ICU Computer Services  has been taking care of my computers for about 10 years. He is always available & is very efficient and knowledgeable. He has fixed infections, upgraded operating systems, and generally taken care of my every need.

Bud M. – Riverside, CA.


No question is to dumb or too basic. I always come away from a session with Bob more in tune with my computer that I sometimes feel like throwing it out the window. He talks me out of it.

Betty M. – Riverside, Ca.


ICU Computer Services is a trustworthy company with very good rates. I highly recommend them.

Norma B. – San Bernardino, CA.


Over the years I have depended on Bob and ICU to take care of my computer needs. Bob has always taken my calls and gotten back to me in a timely manner when a message is left… amd my questions or service is provided. I will stay with my service contract and would recomment it to other who have service needs throught the year.

Gil D. – Riverside, CA.


I have been using ICU for several years now. I always get fast reliable service. Bob always goes above and beyond the requested service. When I call him, he takes his time helping me with some of the little things I mess up on my own. I have and will continue to recommend ICU to family and friends.

Pam S. – Riverside, Ca.


Bob Plourde has, for the past several years helped me with many computer issues.  He has been professional, competent and reasonable priced.  I have refereed many friends and he has handled them in the same manner. The feedback I have received from my referrals has been positive and gives me the confidence to continue referring him to others.


Bob H. – Riverside, Ca


It’s funny how I stumbled onto ICU Computer Services. I was searching on the internet for someone to tune-up my computer. I had talked to another company and had set-up to get the service done. I was looking for someone local and the first time I searched the internet ICU didn’t come up. The second time I searched the internet, I found Bob. The first time I talked to him on the phone he was very helpful. After talking to him I decided to take my computer in. (I’ve always had my computer serviced at my home-was too weary taking it in to a shop) He was very professional and very knowledgeable of what he was doing and talking about. Even now that I call him with questions or concerns, he is there to help. I was very happy with his service. Best of all, I like the fact that he is a honest Christian business man. Now and days, its hard to find trustworthy people. I highly recommend ICU for all your computer needs.

Barbara T. – Riverside, CA 

Fantastic Service, Great Value, I will never take my computer anywhere else.
Richard P. – Upland, Ca. 

ICU is definitely the best computer repair shop in Riverside and possibly the Inland Empire.  My laptop has picked up bugs, viruses, malaware and Bob has been able to wipe them all out and educate me on how to keep them out.  Don’t waste time trying to find a storefront or going to high priced college students that work at Best Buy…go straight to ICU and I guarantee you will be glad you did.

Mike S.
Riverside High School Teacher


I have had occasion to have Bob (ICU computer Services) work  on my computer to remove viruses and malware / adware. My computer was at a point that I could not access Internet as the malware would pop up and block it. I could not do anything on the computer and I was afraid the computer was going to crash and I was going to lose all the family photos and the data. 
Bob has done excellent work to make it function normally and has even installed programs so I can do preventive maintenance myself.
His work is prompt and reliable and he is very polite and helpful when I talk with him. He respects confidentiality of the data. His newsletters that he sends periodically are helpful too. In short, it has been a pleasure having him take care of my computer needs and I highly recommend his service.

Tad W. – Riverside, Ca.


Over the last several years Bob has worked on both my laptop and desktops.  He has been technically competent, very responsive and shows true concern in solving my issues. He also takes time to explain what happened, what caused the issue, what was done to repair it, and what can be done to prevent a re-occurrence.  I particularly like that I can call him and he can remotely access my computer which is more efficient that driving across town to deliver and again to pick up.  I have and will continue to recommend his services.  Plus, his monthly newsletter is helpful and informative.   Need I say more!!!!

Bob H. – Riverside, Ca.


I am writing this letter to thank you for your assistance in the repair of my computer.  You not only fixed it, you made the computer run 10 times faster then it EVER has.  The turn-a-round time for repair was a GREAT blessing as well!  You taught me little tricks to keep it running at top speed, and they are easily accessible- thanks to you- and I am a VERY happy customer.   I will refer ALL my family and friends to you. 

Kristin C. – Riverside, Ca.


I want to list my thank you with the others for all the assistance you have given me for the past two years in solving and answering my “computer” related problems.  In all the years that I have sought assistance from others, you have proven to be the best.   The times you have come to my home to clean up the mess I have made on my computers has been the best investment I have made.  I am sure that within these past two years you have responded to my (I am sure that it has been more than 25 times) questions and service help.  None of these times has there ever been a charge….only courteous and pleasant assistance.  Your ability to take over my computer from your home is remarkable.  You have been both a friend and reliable outstanding businessman.

Gil D. – Riverside, Ca.


I had been taking my laptop to be fixed at a highly recommended local store, yet they failed to fix the problem.  ICU Computer Services not only fixed the problem, but educated me on how the problems can be prevented.  I am very grateful that Bob is such an expert in his field!.
Mike S. – Riverside, Ca.


DAVID G. – Riverside, Ca.


Thanks for all your excellent computer service on several occasions. It’s great to know you are there whenever I have a computer problem. You are amazing!!!

Joan S. – Riverside, Ca.


I have been acquainted with Robert Plourde of ICU Computer Services for over two years now and I am amazed at how expertly he keeps my business PC and personal laptop working.  He keeps me informed of the newest computer programs, anti-virus protection, upgrades, network sharing, Remote and much more.  ICU Computers stays current with the newest technology and computers programs.  Their e-mail News Letters with updates, virus warnings, new programs available, etc. is very informative.    My new business Computer had all but came to a halt with mutiple viruses, incorrectly installed programs, etc. when ICU came to my rescue…everything runs fast and correctly now.  I own a small Real Estate business and recommend ICU to other Real Estate professionals I know.

Carlene E. – Riverside, CA. 
Red Seagull Realty


You’re always willing to help me and my family with my and their computer needs and for that I thank you for all of it!
God bless!

Mike K. – Riverside, Ca.


Thanks Bob, your the best. I have taken in three computers and have been very pleased with the results. Being computer challenged ICU is there for me. Thank you for taking the time to explain and help with all the questions and suggestions for keeping my computers safe from all the bad out there….A very HAPPY customer.

Debbie F. – Riverside, Ca.


To any one who needs any form of help with their computer Bob Plourde of ICU Computer Repair is your man.  I function at what is probably the lowest level on the computer and he always can figure out the problem and help me with the solutions without making me feel I know so little.  I recommend him without reservation. 

Shirley L. – Riverside, Ca.


I would like to say that ICU Computer Services has worked on my computer a number of times.
I am a  loyal customer. Robert has gotten rid of infections and bugs that have gotten in my computer
He sold me a wonderful very fast computer, matter of fact, I was so surprised at how fast it is. 
I live in Hemet and he lives in Riverside and most of the time he can repair it over the phone which
is very covenant for me. His prices are the best, very affordable.  I  recommend him to everyone. If you have 
a problem, call ICU, you won’t regret it.

Ruth Ann – Hemet, Ca.


We came to ICU after we lost all of your information due to a hard drive failure/virus infection. ICU worked diligently to get us up and running quickly.   I really appreciated the expert guidance ICU Computer Services offered.   ICU Computer Services is now an integral part of our business and gives us support that we can depend on for prompt replies, expert advice, professional service and repair.  I highly recommend this company.


Vicky H. Riverside, Ca. 
Business Manager
Faux You Designs, Inc.