Remote Computer Assistance

Many problems can be fixed or diagnosed by remote support without even having to leave your house or office. Since there is no need for us to come to your business or home, the rates for this service are less than our onsite fees.

You do need a reliable high speed internet connection for this service.

We can perform most:

  • Windows and Software Repairs
  • Tune-ups
  • Network configurations
  • Printer setups
  • Software instruction
  • and much more…

Get professional service right from the comfort of your home or office. As long as you can start your computer and have internet access, we can help. It doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you have internet access we can service your needs. We currently have clients all over the United States and even one client in England!

We also offer an Annual Remote Assistance Plan at discounted rates. The annual service plan includes any services that can be done remotely anytime during our normal business hours of 8am to 5pm MST Monday through Thursday and Fridays from 7am until 4pm.
All times are Mountain Standard Time (Arizona Time)

Pricing for our annual service varies between individual plans and business plans.

If you would like to review the Terms and Conditions of our remote services plans, please click  HERE.

Please give us a call at (623) 469-5550 for more information and pricing.

You can also visit our Remote Assistance Portal for immediate help and to download our Direct Connection Calling Card.

Here is what a few of our current Remote Support Clients have to say about the service:

“I have known Bob Plourde for approximately 15 years and have contacted him for all of our computer repair needs.  He has always been fair, trustworthy, honest, and professional.  Though we live out of state , we continue to use his services remotely and for technical advice.  We feel confident to refer Bob and his company to anyone who needs this type of service.  God Bless him and his family always !”
Ted J.

I have been doing business with ICU Computer Services for many years now. All the while I lived in Riverside Bob was the go-to person to work on my computers. Not only is he knowledgeable of the software inside these monsters we call computers; he can also build them from the ground up. Over the years, Bob has built two computers for me. I still use one of them today although it is a bit out dated and cannot run windows 10. When I moved to Arizona three years ago I was thrilled that I could still have Bob service my computer needs by what I like to call teleporting into my computer and getting rid of the little demons that appear from time to time that mess everything up. (Bob calls it remoting in but what does he know? LOL) My only recommendation is very simple. Trustworthy people today, as a whole, are extremely hard and most of the time impossible to find. ICU Computer Repair is one company that I would trust beyond all doubt. My confidence in ICU Computer Services is so great that I have at times allowed Bob total access to my computer even when I could not be present to witness the activity for repairs, and that’s saying a lot because I do not like leaving my vehicle at the dealers for servicing because of the trust issue. However, I do not have the slightest hesitation letting Bob have total control of my computer. Therefore, I will end with this…if you are looking for a computer service that is knowledgeable, reliable, and trustworthy all at a reasonable price…your looking is over. Call ICU Computer Services today and rest assured that your computer problems are in the right person’s hands and will be fixed properly and as quickly as possible.
Michael J.

I have called Bob at ICU any number of times for advice on an issue and scheduled “periodic service” (via remote service) with him. He has ALWAYS been very helpful and taken care of the issues I have presented him with…Thanks, Bob!!!

Rick M.

“I have retained ICU for several years and have found Bob always to be available and helpful. Mainly he has helped with updates and “clean ups”.
I look on the annual fee as an investment/ insurance policy in case I have problems.
Being a senior citizen and not computer savvy I have a lot of problems!!”

Bill A.

My experience with ICU Computer Services has been amazing. I’ve been a realtor for 32 years in California. I have never dealt with a company in the business who is more professional, knowledgeable, and quick to help me. I’m not a computer expert but he has ALWAYS called me back with patience and kindness. No one will regret using him. Best Regards Dolly.

Dolly A.

Bob at ICU Computer Services is great!  He is easy to contact and very willing to help as quickly as possible.  Bob is very nice and has always been able to correct any problem I have.  
I would definitely recommend this company.

Debbie  on behalf of Ellen W.

ICU computer service has been exceptional. Always there when needed for emergencies or when I need help figuring out the intricacies of working with computer programs that offer little help. Bob is very knowledgeable and reliable. Good to have a skilled back up for system issues.

Jane K.

As luck would have it I had a computer issue shortly after Bob relocated to AZ. I was able to call him and he immediately got remote access to my computer where he was able to diagnose the issue and proceed to fix it. I took advantage of his subscription service and in addition to fixing my issue he also did a tune up on my computer. It was actually more convenient getting it done via remote as opposed to unhooking everything and taking it to his home office. Bob has always provided great customer service but this remote access has taken his service to another level. Thanks Bob

Mark B.

 I think this is the third year Mickey and I have been remote customers.  Before that you would come to my house or I would bring the computer to you. This year, 2022, I had to purchase a new Computer.  I never was able to get a remote connection with the store I purchased it from and daily for two weeks took it back to the store in an attempt to get it to do the simple things I wanted it for.  I thought the store should be responsible for getting it to work for me, but finally I called and made an appointment with you to remotely help.  Within a half hour you had it up and running and totally usable.  I have not been  back to the store that sold it to me. Later, my wife was having trouble using Zoom   You quickly fixed it, so that it was usable for her on her side of the computer.  You also then took the time to remotely check the lighting in my messy office and did a Zoom session with her helping to set the angle of the computer correctly and having her remove some distracing items in the background so that she would look her best.  THANKS.

David B.

I met Bob early 2003 when he was canvasing the neighborhood for business.  I had just bought my first computer and I knew I needed his help. I signed up on the spot and know it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. He has always been available when needed and able to solve any problem.  I am forever grateful and will retain his services so long as I have a computer.  Thank you Bob.

Betty M.

More Testimonials to come…